• UMEME, QC Group
  • 2D Animation, TV Commercials
  • 2017


QC Group contracted us to produce a 2D animation for UMEME sensitising the public about electrical safety in the rainy season. We gave the audience an aerial view of the environment to capture the electrical challenges caused by strong winds while communicating what to do in such situations.

The Brief

QC group approached Addmaya after UMEME expressed a need to communicate about safety during heavy rains. The electricity body was having several challenges ranging from electricity poles falling to live wire accidents. UMEME needed to communicate with its customers on what to do if they found themselves in such a situation. The challenge was to change mindsets and show genuine care for UMEME customers. We created a loveable bird character to give perspective on how one can safely approach an electrical challenge. The bird gave the viewers an aerial view of streets and how the poles were being affected by the weather as it flew over various compounds. The public got sensitised on how to deal with electricity during the rainy season.