SWARM Summit Branding

SWARM Summit Branding

  • Hive Colab
  • Brand identity design , Design, Graphic Design, Digital
  • 2020


Hive Collab approached Addmaya to design an identity for the annual Swarm Summit that would speak to their target audience and represent the pulse of Uganda’s tech industry.


We capitalised on the idea of movement to create futuristic characters dubbed “swarmites” moving in large numbers. Early concepts featured the swarmites in flat treatments married with bold typography. While the treatment was striking, it was not what the client envisioned.

The look

After an extensive back-and-forth with the client, we were able to nail an art direction that featured vibrant swarmites in an expansive space. Using a 3D workflow, we were able to generate multiple perspectives that gave the delivered artwork variety.


With the art direction, we embarked on extending the treatment to t-shirts, websites, tickets, social posters, conference videos and a heck lot of merchandise.


We wrapped off the branding with a high energy promo that featured the key themes of the conference. The promo brings together key aspects of the visual identity and pairs its against a high-tempo electronic sound bed.