Opidy Branding

  • Opidy Shina
  • , Brand identity design
  • 2015


Opidy is an online social network that helps users find opportunities related to their interests and needs. The platform covers both professional and unprofessional passions such as singing, cooking, mathematics, finance, careers, baking and many others. For an online social network to be successful, it has to be consumer friendly and exciting. Addmaya crafted an iconic signature that embodies these virtues for the Nigerian startup. A word mark by design, the signature is accentuated by a stinkingly big 'O' that uses negative space to reveal a search symbol. The symbol marks out Opidy as a vast platform visitors can use to find opportunities. The dot on the "i” is intentionally misplaced to re-echo the old adage that "opportunities are sometimes found in unexpected places". Amidst the growing competition amongst social networks, Opidy has an identity that will stand out for years.