NSSF Voluntary Plan

NSSF Voluntary Plan

  • NSSF
  • Filming , Editing, Visual Effects, Grading
  • 2017


Every year, millions of Ugandans retire into poverty. To reduce that number, NSSF has introduced Voluntary Contributions, which allows even more Ugandans to create retirement savings plans and prepare for tomorrow today. Addmaya partnered with Fireworks in developing a script and producing the final TVC. The story centers around Temaligwe a legendary footballer in the 80s. Recreating his life while staying true to his character was quite challenging, however, we were so blessed to find a footballer who resembled the ‘younger’ Temaligwe. When called upon he was up for the task and did great. We were elated to work with actual footballers and humbled at the actual Temaligwe’s willingness to share his story with the rest of the world, just so young people can make better financial choices.