Kigali Innovation City

Kigali Innovation City

  • Media 256
  • Motion Graphics
  • 2016


Addmaya added a touch of magic through graphics and VFX elements to the Kigali Innovation City (KIC) documentary bringing the project vision to life with a futuristic style.

The Brief

Kigali Innovation City (KIC) is a technology cluster planned for Kigali in Rwanda. The Government of Rwanda hopes to attract both domestic and foreign universities, technology companies and biotech firms, and have commercial and retail real estate. Addmaya was contracted to creatively infuse graphics and VFX to the Kigali Innovation City (KIC) documentary that had been filmed and edited by Media 256. Futuristic was the keyword determining the look and feel of most of the support elements. A golden touch was added to symbolize the goldmine the village would become once completed.