8th Wonder

8th Wonder

  • Cafe Javas
  • Filming , Editing, Motion Graphics
  • 2017


To the seven wonders of the world, we add the eighth. With seven branches spread out across Kampala, Cafe Javas opened a new branch right in the heart of the city. In all it’s beauty and brilliance, we couldn’t pass the call to film it’s launch video.

The Brief

This project was different and in many ways pushed us out of our comfort zones. To start off, we zeroed on trying out a technique called hyperlapse. After delving into research, we were able to pull this off to highlight the magnifiicene of the set, both within the restaurant and its surroundings. It's not everyday that you come across a TVC with ambient sound and that is what made this TVC unique and irresistible. All round, this was a fun project that left the client in awe.