ACIA Sync, Start, Soar

ACIA Sync, Start, Soar

  • UCC
  • Show branding
  • 2017


To celebrate the budding innovation space, UCC initiated the ACIA awards that aim at awarding the best innovations in the country. Addmaya was tasked to produce the opener. Far from the predecessors, we presented the client with a rather upbeat spoken word themed video that greatly resonated with the young minds.

Due to time constraints and busy schedules, Ruyonga and Irene Mutuzo, (the talent featured in the video) developed the script via WhatsApp. How interesting is that? Driven by words, the composition had to be compact whilst carrying immense meaning. The success of this project was bent on the harmony between the audio and visuals. The critical need of sound, called for a seasoned composer Josh SB who composed the sound track from scratch.“ACIA is a revolutionary era of young innovators. I used heavy drums, violins and horns to create a cinematic sound that signifies the rise of a new generation of innovators.” Thanks to their vast space, The Square Place was ideal for a late night shoot that enabled us achieve the desired cinematic look and feel of the video.